This is my new blog to continue my journey with my Dales Ponies. It will also be the story of my building a new life for myself, alone now, except for my friends, horses and dogs, since my partner died in March 2009. We had lived and worked together, mostly twenty four hours a day, for nearly 28 years and I have never lived alone before. It is a tribute to my wonderful friends that I am still here, still sane(ish) and ready to re-invent myself. I love them all more than words can ever say and can never thank them enough for all they have done and are still doing. It is also a tribute to Alexandra Kurland and 'The Click That Teaches' that I know how to save myself now. To new beginnings.......

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Magical Winter Wonderland.

We have a LOT of snow here and I love the way it stays so light at night and always looks so stunningly beautiful. I took some photos as the snow fell last night and more today, all around the farm.

My trusty, steadfast old Land Rover starts first time of asking each and every day and makes nothing of the ice and snow as cars are abandoned all around us. I can give all the people lifts who used to give me lifts and I am suddenly full of confidence in my own driving, and so far my passengers haven't complained too much either!!!!


  1. Beauty has its ugly side....the snow, that is...*grumble, grumble.* Love to look at it, hate dealing with it.

    But, I won't spoil your joy. ENjoy!!

  2. Gorgeous! Looks really beautiful doesn't it? I, too, am lucky in that I have a 4x4 so things aren't too bad for me to get to the yard.

    Our snow has almost gone here, although Basingstoke and surrounding areas are still struggling. Hope the snow doesn't continue to cause too much havoc for everyone else!

  3. Great pictures! Those nighttime shots are so cool.

  4. Would rather deal with a foot of snow sooner than even a quarter inch of ice!!!! That is dangerous! The photos are beautiful as snow pictures are. Isn't it fun to return favors for people who have given them. But then, real friends do not keep count, either. You just do for others and they do for you.

  5. Great to hear about the landrover! Gorgeous photos. Still got snow here. but definitely melting today.

  6. After living for 4 years in mountain, real mountain, I have a deep dislike of snow. It is pretty, but hell to live with.
    You must not have much of it, because i can promise you that your land Rover will slide and slip on snow and ice.

    Our street was iced, 1 cm, our land rover did slide.

    Then snow melts away, and it is mud everywhere. Our horses have beem locked in their stall for 5 days, the path to the frozen indoor school is iced, we cannot stand straight, so not let speak of a horse ...

    I really do not like winter, give me Spring and Autumn with fogs and rains anytime.

  7. Thank you all very much!!!

    Muriel, the Land Rover does slip and slide a bit but I love the challenge of that, and of trying to get through where other's can't. I think I've become a bit of an adrenalin junkie!!! You know you're alive when adrenalin kicks in!!!

    phaedra96, I got a hugs and a kisses from two of my friends today so being kind to people definately does have it's own rewards!!!

    I am really, really happy today. Two days before Christmas I reckon that's pretty good going!!!!!