This is my new blog to continue my journey with my Dales Ponies. It will also be the story of my building a new life for myself, alone now, except for my friends, horses and dogs, since my partner died in March 2009. We had lived and worked together, mostly twenty four hours a day, for nearly 28 years and I have never lived alone before. It is a tribute to my wonderful friends that I am still here, still sane(ish) and ready to re-invent myself. I love them all more than words can ever say and can never thank them enough for all they have done and are still doing. It is also a tribute to Alexandra Kurland and 'The Click That Teaches' that I know how to save myself now. To new beginnings.......

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

How to stay Warm and Snug in the Winter!!

I think Meggie is feeling the cold a bit at the moment!!!!


  1. Nothing quite like a furry friend to snuggle up to on a cold winter night.

    Need I say it? A-w-w-w-w-w-w-w. Too cute.

  2. Hey! That's what our dog does too!!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! That is sooooo cute!!! I had a cat that would curl up on my German Shepherd's side long long time ago.

  4. Oh so cute, I am surprised you have not bought some pretty coloured rug for them LOL! My cats sleep on the switched-on computer, which is boiling hot, or the stool next to the radiator. They really have their priorities right

  5. One pile of assorted dogs, lol!
    They are super cute...
    Catching up on poasts again.
    Seems like you have had some extra fun lately with the vaulting - well done!

  6. Thank you very much, everyone.