This is my new blog to continue my journey with my Dales Ponies. It will also be the story of my building a new life for myself, alone now, except for my friends, horses and dogs, since my partner died in March 2009. We had lived and worked together, mostly twenty four hours a day, for nearly 28 years and I have never lived alone before. It is a tribute to my wonderful friends that I am still here, still sane(ish) and ready to re-invent myself. I love them all more than words can ever say and can never thank them enough for all they have done and are still doing. It is also a tribute to Alexandra Kurland and 'The Click That Teaches' that I know how to save myself now. To new beginnings.......

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Meggie, Super Dog and Tractor Dog.

If you click on the pictures you can see her properly.

We were really enjoying ourselves clearing round bales out of the school when the tractor died. I text my mentor and he said it had probably run out of fuel, even though the fuel gauge says its a quarter full.

They are in the middle of combining and working flat out while it's dry so I'm stuck until he can come and show me how to bleed it. Luckily it conked out at the back of the school so it's not in the way. I feel really guilty, needing rescuing yet again but no-one told me the fuel gauge might be faulty!!!

I am SO looking forward to the day when I know how to do all these things and don't need sorting out every five minutes! My main inspiration is my role model and I am determined that one day I will be a female version of him - the person everyone else turns to to sort everything out for them. I really HATE feeling like a helpless and incompetent female. He and his brother are so kind, sympathetic and understanding but it still makes me feel useless. It's all been a good lesson in not being too proud but I wish they were interested in horses, so that I could impress them for a change!!!!!!!


  1. But how could you know, Helen?
    I mean, you trust the gauge to be correct.

    Meggie is super cute!
    I just love the face of her in your tractor...what's up Mum? Are you coming?
    What breed is she?

  2. Ah yes, our tractor has no fuel guage at all so I know what you mean. Well done for even starting to do these jobs!

  3. That's a big tractor compared to mine. I am impressed! And Meggie the "driver" looks adorable up there. Good thing the tractor conked or she might have just taken it for a joy ride! *lol*

    Everyone has a learning curve about things. The trick is to learn. Some people spend their lives being helpless because it's an effort to learn and easier to stay ignorant. You are not that kind of person. But just be patient with yourself. The world is full of information and no one can be expected to know it all. Just keep an open mind and have faith in yourself.

  4. Horse of Course, thank you. Meggie was bought as a black and tan Jack Russell puppy and her mem was a very typical JR but I don't think her dad was, somehow. She has a Yorkshire Terrier coat and a Yorkie yap, and the one dog we definately didn't want was a Yorkie!!!!

    She is a lovely little dog in every other respect though, so we never did get round to taking her back and complaining!!! It was the sister of a notorious local horse dealer who bred her, so we should have known!!!

    That's all written in jest, by the way. We love Meggie and the people who bred her.

    Thank you too, Gill. No guage I can understand but one just for decoration???!!!! It must be a male thing, I reckon!

    Thank you so much too, Jean. I am patient with everyone except myself and want to be perfect at everything straight away, which is a huge handicap to learning, along with not wanting to make a fool of myself. Luckily I'm now used to making a fool of myself so it's become less of an issue!! I've also found that I really like people laughing at me when it's done with affection, which it usually seems to be. Being patient and not getting frustrated with myself is far harder when I'm on my own but I am trying. Very trying!!!!!

  5. Hello Helen,
    I am back from holidays. I am glad to read that you are doing well, despise the tractor breaking down ...

    Your doggie is so cute. I bet that nobody could try to steal that Tractor, she would tear them apart ^-^