This is my new blog to continue my journey with my Dales Ponies. It will also be the story of my building a new life for myself, alone now, except for my friends, horses and dogs, since my partner died in March 2009. We had lived and worked together, mostly twenty four hours a day, for nearly 28 years and I have never lived alone before. It is a tribute to my wonderful friends that I am still here, still sane(ish) and ready to re-invent myself. I love them all more than words can ever say and can never thank them enough for all they have done and are still doing. It is also a tribute to Alexandra Kurland and 'The Click That Teaches' that I know how to save myself now. To new beginnings.......

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Point of a Blog.

I have a very special friend who I am trying to convince to start a blog as I know how much we would all enjoy reading it.

He lives in a very beautiful, remote part of Scotland, picturesquely covered in snow at the moment, with his Alpacas, his Llamas, his two horses, a Dales x Hackney and a Clydesdale, his two St Bernards and Burmese dogs (and that's an awful lot of dog!!!!), plus Call Ducks and Geese.

He understands about politics and history, wildlife and nature, and about growing prize vegetables, to name just a few subjects.

He writes beautifully, with a flowing, lyrical, humorous, wistful style and he knows how to write straight from his heart. He has wisdom, compassion and understanding far beyond his years.

He says there would be no point to his blog - it would be too diverse and no-one would want to read it anyway.

I'm trying to convince him otherwise - that talent should be shared, and that beautiful words, ideas and ideals, places and animals are worthy of sharing, to inspire and give magic and pleasure to the lives of others, and that I only see the beauty that exists around me most of the time because of sharing it with like minded people.

So many potential friends and soul mates out there, all around the world. I know how much it means to me to have all of you to talk to and no-one can ever have too many friends.

Please would you, all my friends and soul mates out there, tell him what he would gain from writing his blog and what you would be interested in reading about him and his life.

Thank you.


  1. I feel the same way about starting a blog! I've been wanting to for a while, but I keep thinking, who cares that I cook and have horses, a blind great dane, angora bunnies, a cat, and a big garden, soon to adopt chickens and all in the middle of town! Hahaha :) I look at the 30 something blogs a day I read and they vary from cookie decorators, to CNN, to gardeners, city farmers, etc... I know I would love to hear about how life with Llamas and Alpacas goes! And I would sure love to see pictures of beautiful snow covered Scotland! I've bene once and loved it greatly!! Good luck :)

  2. Thank you so much, Jamie. Me too, and I would love to read your blog too. I care for one.

    I haven't met you before so hello and I wonder how many other people out there read this blog that I don't know are there. Maybe that's part of the problem - that we don't even know how many soul mates we have?

  3. Blogs are a great way to share you life with others. I always enjoy reading a well written story about someone else's life. Blogs connect us all as human beings, in a unique way.

  4. I think every blog is as individual as the person who writes it - it's a very freeing experience in a way, because it's yours, and you can write about what you want, define the limits of the blog in a way that suits you, and can use/develop our own style. But you have to want to do it.

  5. Helen, I love your blog.

    And your friend sounds like an interesting character, I bet I'd enjoy his blog.

    And Jamie, too, I bet you could have a wonderful blog about your daily life, garden and assortment of animals!

    I think some people are scared away because they think it will be a lot of work. It doesn't. Some of my favorite blogs are people who just post a handful of times a month, pictures and stories here and there.


  6. As a writer, I write even if no one is reading. I write because it's important to me. I'm not saving the world, or changing minds.

    As a reader, I want to feel the barriers between us fall away as an invited guest into the mind of someone else. I most enjoy blogs about daily life and musings.

    I do hope he decides to open the door. There are some wonderful people wandering around, just looking for a warm place to settle in for a bit.

  7. As usual, I am going to take the opposite stance. My blog is private, I understand why people do not want to broacast themselves on the web!

    Why private? A couple of years ago I was TERRIFIED by what happened to one of our blogger's friends. She wrote that a piece of tack was not workinbg for her and her horse, and was wondering what to do about it. Lo and behold the tack-manufacturer came on the friend's blog and threatened her of LIBEL because she was not happy with his tack O_o
    I was appalled, angry I pointed this out on a forum, it seemed to the people there, that it was normal.

    So blogs are PUBLIC domain watch what you write, and what you publish as photos.

    My blog is private, because I publish photos of my family including my 8yrs old blue-eyed blond haired son. No thanks I do not want any predators to see them! AND if something does not work for me, I want to be FREE to say it so without being threatened of libel or slander.

    As a personal rule, I work hard to always write the half-FULL glass, I do not dwell on life's pettiness. But at times I want to be able to rant in a polite way, I feel that if my blog were public my words could be twisted as I have seen it done on others places!

    Just words of caution

  8. I love blogging for me. It's a way to get my thoughts down in written word and a way for me to track my progress on various projects. I love Ireland and all animals so I would definitely be interested in reading his blog if he decided to start one.

  9. Tell your multi-talented friend that there are people out there that would love to read his blog; I wander around through so many just to "see" what other people are doing with what they have. Some have become people I would like to meet; and hope to one day. I have several friends around here but they seem to only share one area of interest--one friend sewing and embroidery, another only QHs, another does nothing all day but watch TV but she is always there when you need help. And so on. I have met many people over the internet that share my view of horses, of friends; their lives are interesting. Mine, not so much. I would love to have some alpacas(if I could afford to buy them), learn to spin, weave, and actually knit. I would like to have some driving friends, but no one around here is interested. I want to ride and compete trail, I might be able to do that but it is no fun alone. And so on. The one thing that attracted me to your blog is the clicker training. I am going to use that on the naughty little gaited mare who needs a job--she will learn to drive this spring and I am going to try riding her also, if I can. I am going to a Biggest Loser competition at my SIL's church. I do not have that much to lose; just need some oomph. I am sorry other people have had problems with blogging, but there are cretins everywhere. I try to ignore them and live my life the way I would like to be remembered when I am gone......

  10. Dear Helen, I believe you got as many reasons as you got answers?

    And maybe that is an answer in itself.
    The blog turns into what one wants it to.
    I believe it is important to keep it that way, like Kate said. Not to think about writing to others, but keep it to what gives yourself joy - whatever that is.
    And in all likelihood you will get some new friends in the process?

    To me, I find it is a good way to see the progress in the training with my horse, but I love to have an exchange of thoughts with all my blog friends.
    And I know I have become wiser in that process.
    I love to hear about their life whether it is in UK like you Helen, or in France, Canada or the US.
    Or in Scandinavia.
    What a marvellous invention the internet is!

    Our from what you write Helen, I believe your friend's blogg would be very interesting, not only to me but to many others, and personally I would very much like to read it.
    I wish him good luck!